Can Damian Lillard be a star?

Go back through the last five drafts and count the number of impact-level point guards the league has absorbed. The list includes a league MVP, Olympians, guys who played in the NBA Finals, rookies of the year, one of the league's best shooters, a few of its top pure athletes, plus one undrafted sensation that took over the league for a spell:

Derrick Rose,
Russell Westbrook,
John Wall,
Kyrie Irving,
Eric Bledsoe,
Kemba Walker,
Stephen Curry,
Jrue Holiday,
Brandon Jennings,
Ricky Rubio,
Jeff Teague,
Ty Lawson,
Brandon Knight,
Jeremy Lin and, yes,
James Harden (he is listed as a shooting guard but really plays like a point guard).

This list doesn't even include Tyreke Evans, who won the ROY award as a point guard before being moved off the ball later on. It's quite a list, representing both the present and the future of the point guard position.