How good is Rajon Rondo?

Rajon Rondo's name has come up in recent trade rumors. Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

How good is Rajon Rondo?

It's a timely question. With New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul on the trading block, the Boston Celtics have reportedly floated their own All-Star point guard in talks with the league-owned franchise. Putting aside the piercing irony of a small-market team potentially trading a perennial MVP candidate to a big-market team right after the lockout, the whispers of a Rondo-for-Paul swap already have the basketball world buzzing even before the ink dries on the CBA.

Looking at this trade proposal, you can't help revisiting that initial question:

Really, just how good is Rajon Rondo?

Yes, it's a timely question, but it's also a fascinating one that should yield some far-ranging opinions. Rondo represents one of the NBA's greatest riddles because he's an integral part of an incredibly successful team, but it's hard to pinpoint exactly how responsible he is for his team's success. Looking at Rondo's particular situation in Boston, we can learn a few things about how to distribute individual credit for team success.