How many games would UK win?

How would Kentucky's current roster fare in the NBA right now? Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Don't blame us. It wasn't some stats lackey who made the claim. It was the coach of an NCAA champion who opened this can of worms. Last week, former Maryland coach Gary Williams went on the radio and said that the freshly crowned Kentucky Wildcats could beat the Washington Wizards, setting off a firestorm of debates and analytical breakdowns of the possibilities. Here's one more.

Williams laid out some very specific parameters in his statement, saying Kentucky could win one game at Rupp Arena if the Wizards were at the end of a particularly brutal stretch of their schedule. He added that he didn't think the Wildcats could actually compete in the NBA, just steal one game under the right circumstances.

Williams didn't say how many chances the Wildcats would get, but they would need plenty. A whole season, for example. As dominant as Kentucky was this season -- and John Calipari may have just finished coaching one of the college game's greatest teams -- his squad would be hard-pressed to win games at the NBA level.

How many games would the Wildcats win?