Kryptonite for title contenders

Russell Westbrook's defense against elite point guards could be an issue this postseason. Harry How/Getty Images

The playoffs are here. For championship contenders, this is the time of year when the hopes are high but the chances are low. No team has separated itself from the pack this season, and every contender has glaring weaknesses.

Those that mask their soft spots will give themselves the best chance to win it all. Each contender has a kryptonite, but can they prevent the other teams from exploiting it? That's the big question. We outline the biggest obstacle standing between each legitimate NBA title contender and the championship.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Kryptonite: Elite point guards

Everyone seems to think Russell Westbrook will be this team's downfall, but usually the sources of those concerns reside on the offensive side of the ball. He's a ticking time bomb! He's a ball hog! He's holding Kevin Durant back!

Well, actually, it's the other end of the floor that might be the bigger issue for Westbrook. Despite possessing outrageous athleticism, Westbrook's lack of sharp instincts and decision-making often makes him a liability on that end of the floor.