Kenneth Faried should study ...

Faried reminds me of Haslem when he was a rookie in that Faried is light and thin but ultra-tough and competitive. He's proved to be even more athletic than I expected, routinely making plays above the rim on offense and defense while still being expert at the grimy plays. His next step, though, is understanding and anticipating the game. He needs to learn how to use his mind to sniff out an action before it happens, or know exactly where to move on offense so a teammate can earn a better shot or make an easier pass.

Faried gets lost on defense in part because he moves so fast, so thinking while slowing down and reading the sets will actually help keep him in better position longer. Haslem was coached in high school and college by uber-successful men and then graduated to Stan Van Gundy and Pat Riley in Miami. His hoops IQ is higher than most players and it shows.