Lakers overview: Kobe, Kwame, point guard hold keys

Editor's Note: To preview training camp and the 2005-06 season, John Hollinger addresses three key questions concerning the Lakers.

1. Can Phil and Kobe bury the hatchet ... and not in each other's backs?

The Laker dynasty ended in a cataclysmic explosion nearly two years ago, as Phil Jackson departed with the suspected help of a shove from Kobe Bryant. Having suffered through a miserable 2004-05 season, the Lakers lured Jackson back -- but not before Jackson skewered Bryant in his best-selling book.

While both claim that there won't be any problems, it's hard to believe that these two gargantuan egos can peacefully share the same locker room after what happened in the summer of 2004. Unfortunately for Bryant, Jackson now has the upper hand. With a rich three-year deal in place and his legendary status intact, Jackson will be around for a while.

Bryant, therefore, will have to mend fences with Jackson -- or face the once unthinkable prospect of the Lakers trading him and moving on.