Hollinger's Team Forecast: Utah Jazz

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Well, it was an improvement. In the wake of a 26-56 disaster the year before, Utah's 41-41 mark in the 2005-06 season was vastly more palatable. That said, it wasn't a bed of roses. Several aspects of the season were hugely disappointing, and the Jazz were extremely lucky to win as many games as they did.

The most prominent failure was the team's decision to pass on Chris Paul in the draft. Instead they took Deron Williams with the third overall pick, and he struggled mightily in the first half of the season -- the low point coming when he temporarily lost his job to the immortal Keith McLeod. Williams played much better after the All-Star break, but even in the second half he was in no way comparable to Paul. That pick is one of a series of draft-day failures by the Jazz that has left the young talent cupboard virtually empty.