Updated: May 21, 2014, 08:00 AM EST

Chad Ford Mock Draft 6.0

Cavs get chance for redemption but will Celts and Lakers trade out?


The lottery results are in, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the big winners in this year's NBA draft lottery for the second year in a row. That means it's time for our Mock Draft 6.0. At this point very little is set in stone. Expect this mock draft to continue to fluctuate greatly over the course of the next four weeks. The NBA draft combine just finished last weekend and had a significant impact on our board.

The process of team workouts has just started. Over the next few weeks the adidas Eurocamp and hundreds of team workouts will dramatically alter the face of the draft. But for now, here's our best stab, after talking to numerous NBA team sources, about how the draft might play out on June 26. Remember our mock draft is not a ranking of who we think the top players are. Instead it's a reporting tool to convey our latest intel from NBA scouts and GMs on what each team might do in the draft.

Here we go:

Andrew Wiggins
Cleveland Cavaliers (51 - 31)
HT: 6-8
WT: 200

The Cavs win the lottery for the third time in four years. That's pretty incredible. They hit a home run with Kyrie Irving and screwed it up with Anthony Bennett. There are no guarantees that Luol Deng is going to sign with them this summer, and Jabari Parker brings high character and a versatile scoring threat. Joel Embiid is another guy to watch here. Anderson Varejao is 32 years old. They need a long-term replacement. But will Dan Gilbert have the patience to wait? I thought they'd go safe and bring in Parker. However, my sources in Cleveland indicate Wiggins is the likelier choice at this early stage. They feel he has the most long-term potential, helps them defensively right out of the gate, and can replace Dion Waiters in the starting lineup while adding character to the team.

Joel Embiid
Milwaukee Bucks (42 - 40)
HT: 7-0
WT: 250

Some in the Bucks organization really liked Embiid before his back injury. But there are questions about whether they will actually be able to get him in for a physical before the draft. If they can, he is likely the No. 1 pick with Wiggins off the board. If they cannot, Parker or Dante Exum could move into this spot. Parker is the safe pick, but there are concerns that he plays the same position as Giannis Antetokounmpo. Exum could be their point guard of the future, as they would like to move Brandon Knight to the 2.