The ACC's amazing streak

The Virginia Cavaliers have had plenty of reasons to celebrate this season, but will they be celebrating in Omaha? Crystal LoGiudice/US Presswire

Welcome back to Three Hits and Bunt, where we're happy to see June coming. Why? Because that's when the rest of the world finally wises up and joins us diehards to enjoy the most underrated sport in the world -- college baseball.

Before we get started, a shoutout to reader Timothy T. in Frisco, Texas, who wrote: "McGee, why don't use some of that ESPN money and get on a plane and actually come watch some real college baseball and not that sissy southeastern stuff?"

Thanks, Timmy, and let me make two quick points. One, that travel budget isn't what you think it might be. If I could jet off to Texas and California all spring I would. Two, I was at TCU and Arizona State this year. And I have the sweat-stained shirts to prove it.

To the plays!

Single: This feels like the ACC's year ... again

Forget Robin Ventura's 58-game hitting streak. Forget Texas's 33 College World Series appearances, or even USC's five consecutive CWS championships. The most mind-bending, head-shaking, logic-defying statistic in college baseball can be summed not with a number, but rather a year.


"Oh man," Florida State head coach Mike Martin said as soon as I dared utter the year. "It's a little early to start bringing that up, isn't it?"