Ranking the super regionals

South Carolina closer Matt Price will be on the spot against UConn in the super regionals. John S Peterson/Icon SMI

Welcome back to Three Hits & Bunt, where we're getting out all of our old College World Series gear and starting to pack for Omaha. Who will be there with me? We'll know by bedtime Monday night. Which of the eight super regionals should you watch the closest? Glad you asked ...

Single: Rating the super-est of the supers

As seems to be the case every June, the super regionals are a mix of classic programs, still-new power programs and a couple of where-did-they-come-from schools. Every matchup is a must-watch because of what's on the line. But if I could get in touch with Scotty and beam myself to see at least part of every three-game series, this is the order in which I would prioritize them. I've graded them on a scale of 1 to 10, based on the overall quality of the matchup as well as the star power.

1. Connecticut at No. 4 South Carolina

Head-to-Head Matchup: 10

Star Power: 10