A-10 mid-majors beefing up with ESPN 150 prospects

In their recruiting efforts, mid-major college basketball programs have to rely on under-recruited, undiscovered players to stock their rosters. Coaches at mid-major programs have to possess the ability to project what an undervalued player could develop into as opposed to having instant stars and McDonald's All-Americans on their teams. These mid-major programs also have to become creative in their recruiting. For example, many mid-majors remain competitive by heavily recruiting international prospects that have a wealth of playing experience for their respective national teams.

Mid-majors programs, though always having their share of talented players, often longed for the attention the nation devoted to major college basketball programs. Recently however, thanks to deep runs in the NCAA tournament by non-BCS Conference teams such as St. Joseph's, George Mason, Albany and Winthrop, the mid-major teams have enjoyed an increased amount of media coverage and attention, which naturally leads to increased recruiting success.