MSU-bound Gauna shows versatility

MIDLAND, Mich. -- I attended the Styles 3 Elite Showcase, which was put together by Christian Vaughn-Dawkins. The camp is dedicated to Dorian Dawkins, Christian's brother, who would have been a freshman this year at Saginaw High School in Michigan. Dorian was one the top 2013 prospects in the country who unfortunately passed away this past June of a heart ailment.

The two-day event was very good and featured some of the top players and prospects in Michigan. It had an open gym and pick-up game formats. The players were put on teams with coaches and played 3 games each day along with stations and drills to enhance their skills. The players played hard and the games were entertaining.


Tommie McCune PF (6-7, 190)
2011, Saginaw, Mich.

McCune is a long and skilled combo forward. He is transitioning to be a small forward but will play in the post in high school. He is a solid shooter with range to 20 feet. McCune is a solid rebounder. He has good length and athletic ability and a decent motor, so he is effective inside offensively and on the boards. He is most comfortable on the perimeter but needs to improve his handle in order to complete his transition to the 3 position. He will also need to get stronger, but some of that will occur as he continues to grow and mature. He is an OK defender -- though this was not the best venue for judging defensive acumen. His length and athletic ability give him the physical attributes to be a solid defender one day. Look for McCune to move up the national rankings as he continues to improve.

Juwan Howard Jr., SF (6-5, 200)
2010, Detroit/Pershing

Howard is the son of the current NBAer of the same name (Juwan Howard). His game is totally different. Juwan Jr. is a small forward with a solid set. He plays with great effort on the court. He has improved tremendously over the past few years. The effort was always there but the skills have really gotten better. Howard is solid in all phases of the game. He is an above average shooter with range to 19 feet. He is a decent slasher to the basket -- he is very strong going to his right. He could improve his in between off the dribble game though; he either shoots from deep or goes all the way to the rack. Howard is an active defender and rebounder and is very good in transition. He is committed to Western Michigan where he should have a very solid career and be a strong contributor for the Broncos.

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