SG Gbinije rises to the challenge

RICHMOND, Va. -- Like many first-year events, Halloween Havoc still has some kinks to work out. For example, some higher-profile players didn't attend thanks to conflicting schedules, and a damp floor ultimately cut the day short. Still, the level of talent present was solid. Held by longtime Richmond Squires travel-team coach Antwain Fletcher at the Virginia Sports Complex, on the outskirts of Richmond, the showcase featured several top young prospects from the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. While some of the players in attendance haven't entered high school yet, others there were underclassmen who are regarded as regional recruits with a chance to develop into national names.

Standout players

Braeden Anderson, PF (6-8, 230)
2011, Creedmoor, N.C./Christian Faith

Anderson, a native of Calgary, Alberta, is a well-built post player with excellent athleticism. He caught the attention of observers early on with the combination of his size, high motor and ability to finish with power above the rim. While the bouncy Canadian is still raw on the offensive end, his effort on the glass, quickness and agility, ability to run the floor in transition and sheer energy are good barometers of his high potential down the road. Anderson's college-ready frame, aggressiveness, hustle and presence in the paint will only complement his developing skill set -- especially as he gains more experience playing against high-level competition in the states.