Can't buck the trend in Ohio

The Buckeye State is always one of the most heavily recruited states in the country. Ohio has a large number of colleges that play football in all divisions, and Ohio high school football is greatly respected thanks to its quality and tradition. These factors attract the attention of many college football programs from around the country, especially in the Midwest, and this year is no exception.

Unlike the 2009 class of recruits, which was heavy in terms of defensive talent, the 2010 class is much more diverse. The top two players are defensive standouts, but there are seven offensive players in the top 10.

Few recruiting analysts would dispute that last year's class was stronger, as it included 14 four-star athletes compared to just six in 2010. However, the 2010 class has outside linebacker Jordan Hicks (West Chester, Ohio/Lakota West), who is the first five-star player from the Buckeye State since Chris "Beanie" Wells (Arizona Cardinals). Hicks is not only the best player in Ohio but also the No. 2 prospect in the nation.