Beyond the hype, sleepers making a difference

Every football class features roughly 30,000 prospects eligible to play college football regardless of whether it's at the FBS, FCS, Division II or D-III level. Obviously our primary focus is to reduce the list to a workable number of about 5,000 prospects, of which our goal is to have full evaluations of approximately 2,500 to 3,000 done by national signing day in February. Not all prospective student athletes are going to be of the elite caliber.

However, with all the annual focus generally placed on the high profile prospects who seem to receive all the media attention through the internet, top 100 or 150 lists, it is important to remember that college football rosters are generally not made up of high profile guys, they are comprised of hundreds of players who rank behind many of these top prospects coming out of high school and then develop into great players once on campus.