Arkansas' success not yet showing on recruiting trail

I was able to squeeze in one more mailbag before the post office closed down. Thanks for all your questions and interest in ESPN recruiting. Have a great and safe holiday season, and I will be back in the new year to take more of your questions as we close in on national signing day.

Buck: With Arkansas having such a good/surprise year and having such a good core in place for the future, what do you think their chances are of sneaking into the top of the recruiting picture and loading up with some big-time recruits?

Craig: Arkansas had a fine season and sure did surprise a lot of people with what they were able to accomplish, Buck. You are right to feel that a good season like the one Arkansas had will result in a higher level of recruits.
The truth is, though, I don't know how much the success in 2006 will really help the Razorbacks with the top recruits still available. The class they have now is solid but not indicative of the success they had on the field.