ESPN 150 features sleeper prospects

One of the more beneficial and enjoyable aspects of watching and evaluating close to 3,000 game films annually is being able to identify and often expose diamonds in the rough. These are the athletes who have slipped through the cracks and currently lack the national attention other players have garnered at their respected positions.

Most of these prospects lack a few of the sought-after, generalized traits that often characterize top collegiate prospects. Typically, their simple blend of size and speed do not blow away the competition on the national-combine circuit. The computed numbers adjacent to their names are sent to every college football program in the country and can take precedence over a prospect's play in games. As a result, their videos can actually land on the bottom of the back pile.

We try to recognize football players -- prospects who possess intangibles that you cannot measure or accurately grade. They are athletes who will simply continue to produce at the next level, despite current or potential (supposed) physical limitations.
Some players who we refer to as "late bloomers" lack the measurables as 16-year-old high school juniors, but when evaluating with a keener and more patient eye, one can see great upside with continued physical development.