Recruiting Focus: ACC

Over the last two years the ACC has retooled and become one of the most competitive conferences in the country. Perennial contenders Miami and Florida State recruit on a national basis, and Virginia Tech is a national championship contender with major exposure. Most conference teams stay along the Atlantic coast to find talent and will raid each other's states for prospects.

Naturally, Florida is a big recruiting ground for every conference member. The fight for talent is only getting tougher with the competitive gap between member schools slowly closing. Let's take a look at how each team in the ACC is doing with its 2006 class as national signing day nears.

For a stretch in November, it looked the wheels were falling off the wagon for Florida State. The Seminoles suffered three straight losses and looked awful in two of them. But before anybody could write them off, they bounced back with a surprising win over Virginia Tech in the ACC championship game and put up a heck of a fight versus Penn State in the Orange Bowl.