Florida feels like extended family to Corleys

Many football players fondly remember growing up and tossing the football around with their father, but to the Corley family, the bond between father and son and the game of football goes deeper then that.

Sidell Corley Sr. is not only the father of one of the nation's top defensive end prospects in the class of 2007. He also is his son's position coach at McGill-Toolen Catholic High in Mobile, Ala. This past weekend marked a big milestone for the father and son tandem, as Sidell Corley Jr. committed to the Florida Gators.

It's a big moment for a parent when their son or daughter is able to choose between multiple scholarship offers from many of the top programs in the country, but it is even more special when that parent has had a major hand in shaping the child, both on and off the field of play.