Davis helped by siblings' success

Often times you will hear about actors or models talking about how they were discovered walking through a mall or hanging out in a park. Believe it or not, that can also happen for a football player, and Luther Davis' family is proof of that.

Davis, an ESPN 150 prospect and the No. 16 defensive end, started playing organized football at the age of six in Louisiana. He grew up the youngest of five, with four older brothers, and had several cousins who lived nearby. They would all spend many an afternoon playing football out in the yard.

It was just for fun until one day a local youth football coach was driving by and saw Davis' family playing in the front yard of his grandmother's house. Davis, despite being young, remembers the situation well and recalls that the coach parked his car and watched the boys play for a while. When they were done, the coach, Jim Kelly, knew he had to try and get them involved.