Ogwumike shines at End of the Trail tournament

OREGON CITY, Ore. - These are by no means the "best" players or in any ranking order, but are a collection of 20 players we saw first hand at the End of the Trail, which may be the top unaffiliated club tournament of the summer evaluation period.

LaSondra Barrett, 6-2 F
Tennessee Flight Silver
2008 Class - William & Murrah HS
Jackson, Miss.
Last year, we got excited because a couple of tall girls could handle the ball and run the court. Well, here is a power player who can do the same. Except possibly for her jumper, Barrett has a lot of wing-type skills, including passing, handling and a nice pro-hop move in the lane. What she does best is make plays inside. Her timeliness, particularly on the offensive glass, has been the key to two straight tournament wins for the Flight.