For the good of the game, Prahalis needs to succeed at OSU

It isn't often in this often ego-driven, very public business that one actually hopes to be proven wrong, but I do. I hope HoopGurlz.com is proven wrong for ranking Samantha Prahalis only No. 30 in the entire class of 2008. Nevermind that being in the country's top 30 in anything is never anything to be taken lightly. I hope she really isn't a dangerous combination of being too fearless and too skinny, that the collision between the two, and the monstrously huge players she'll challenge on the next level, cannot and will not be survivable.

I hope we're wrong because women's basketball needs Prahalis -- someone who will play the role of David (Davida?) on a nightly basis against the game's Goliaths, slaying them by performing feats of magic with the basketball, capturing and bringing to life the imagination of an audience that truly wants to be coaxed out of dormancy. Players like Prahalis come along all the time on the boys' side. But, because of social pressures and pubescent female rites, rare is the girl willing to put herself out as far as Prahalis often does.