Burbs triumph over NYC Boros

QUEENS, N.Y. -- Perception often being the better part of reality, New York City has earned a reputation for being the cradle for guards in basketball. For certain, the Big Apple has served up its share on the girl's side, including the likes of China Crosby, who will reign over Manhattan's finest for two more years.

But, these days, the folks East on I-495 can be excused for taking a little umbrage over the automatic street cred accorded their metropolitan sisters. Out there, the suburban streets are alive with guard play, from Samantha Prahalis doing her best Celia Cruz, queen of salsa imitation, to Ieasia Walker's good-at-everything, right behind her, to sophomore shot-maker Kristen Doherty, off in the not-so-distant future. In other words, those on patrol for great backcourt play are best advised to at least extend their coverage into funky Nassau and beyond.