For sanity's sake, Bone whittles list

Kelsey Bone is a teenager with options, which is just about the best position in which a teenager can be. She'd love to preserve all those options for as long as she can. After all, pondering and daydreaming about all the wondrous opportunities is half the fun.

But Bone also is a teenager under siege. Since Sept. 1, her mailbox and inbox have been overflowing with messages from college coaches, full of promise and seduction. Her school has been the scene of visits from a who's who of the country's top college head coaches. They've all come to Dulles High School, in Sugar Land, Texas, just southwest of Houston, and watched her, er, lift weights and play pickup ball. One day, Bone was doing leg curls, glanced up and found herself eyeball-to-eyeball with a couple of college coaches.