Checking in with J.B. Walton

Like many top prospects, offensive lineman J.B. Walton started early. At the age of 5, Walton was learning the game of football in the basement with his dad, a coach for nearly 30 years.

"My dad would lay things out on the basement floor, representing offensive lineman, and he would teach me the naming of the different holes and it all started there," said Walton.

That early start no doubt helped Walton separate himself from the pack when he got to Lackey High School in Indian Head, Md. As a freshman, he played just two games for the junior varsity team before he was moved up to the varsity by coach Scott Chadwick.

"I just kept getting better and better, and I adapted quickly," said Walton.

Now heading into his senior year, Walton has the tools to adapt quickly to the college game in the minds of many of those recruiting him. As he narrows down his list of schools, Walton plans on taking his time before making a decision. For Walton, academics will play a much bigger role in his decision than athletics.

"My mother really stressed the importance of education to me and regularly checks up on me. She's always setting up meetings with my teachers to make sure I am on top of things."

By national signing day, one program is going to get a well-rounded player who can make a difference on and off the field.

Walton's Favorites

Scouts, Inc.: Who is your favorite NFL team?

J.B. Walton: Washington Redskins.

Scouts, Inc.: Who is your favorite football player?

Walton: Jon Jansen, the Redskins' offensive tackle. I see a lot of similar qualities between him and me.

Scouts, Inc.: What is it about playing your position that you love?

Walton: Pass blocking and pulling. I love getting downfield and making highlight-reel blocks. I love coming around the corner when I pull -- I don't know what's going to happen. I could make two or three blocks and help spring the big run.

Scouts, Inc.: What are your goals for your senior season?

Walton: I want to be on the honor roll. On the field, I want to be all-county and all-state. I'd like to make the USA all-American game. I also want to help the team win the 3A State Championship -- we've lost in the finals the last two years.

Scouts, Inc.: Favorite band/artist/group?

Walton: My favorite music is "go-go music." It's a Maryland-based sound that is a percussion based with a hard crushing style, kinda like my playing style. My favorite group's the Northeast Groovers.

Scouts, Inc.: Career goals after football?

Walton: Possibly sports medicine, maybe graphic design.

Scouts, Inc.: Favorite high school football movie: "Varsity Blues," "Remember the Titans" or "Friday Night Lights"?

Walton: "Friday Night Lights."

Craig Haubert is a Recruiting Coordinator for Scouts, Inc.