Big men lead the way in Colorado

The state of Colorado conjures up thoughts of great skiing, cowboys and mountain ranges. No one, however, could dispute the love of football in the state. Everyone knows the Denver Broncos are a major part of the lives of Coloradans, and NFL great John Elway may be the state's most famous citizen.

Besides the love for the Orange Crush, the state supports three Division I programs: the University of Colorado, Colorado State and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. The University of Colorado is a perennial contender in the Big 12. Darian Hagan -- one of the key players in the Buffaloes' 1990 national championship run -- now has a son who is a top safety recruit out of California, Darian Hagan Jr.

This state, while not the deepest in recruiting prospects every year, always has its share of top prospects and players that can play the game and be productive at the college level. Colorado has been a recruiting ground for the local universities and the Big 12. In the mold of Colorado-raised former NFL great offensive lineman Tony Boselli, the state's 2006 class boasts a strong crop of future college hogs.