Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont often feed BC

The beautiful states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont make one think of postcard-type scenery, maple syrup, great skiing, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream, among other of life's slower-paced pleasures. When one thinks of the sports landscape in this northeastern region of the United States, the first thought is college hockey. College hockey is a favorite of the residents of these states, and few can wait until the lakes and ponds freeze over so they can drop the puck. Although winter is often the season of choice for this part of the country, people here still do love the fall and being a part of America's new favorite pastime, football.
Of the many states we have covered, no one would argue that any of these three are significant players in the high school and college football landscapes. But just because none of these states produces elite talent on a yearly basis doesn't mean there isn't good football in this part of the country. The University of Maine has one of the better programs in Division I-AA. The University of New Hampshire also has a fine I-AA program. Every couple of years, a player from these states will make it to the NFL ranks. Let's take a look at some of the players these states have to offer for the class of 2006.