Recruiting Focus: Conference USA

Prior to the 2005 season, Conference USA underwent a face-lift fit for "Dr. 90210." The conference saw Louisville, Cincinnati and South Florida head to the Big East, TCU to the Mountain West and Army go independent (again). C-USA then added UTEP, Marshall, Central Florida, SMU, Tulsa and Rice -- and had a great 2005.

The conference saw six members go to bowl games (with an overall 3-3 bowl record). For football fans, C-USA has a little bit of everything. It has teams that have risen out of losing pasts and gotten back on the winning track, like UTEP, Houston, Tulsa and Central Florida. The conference was home to one of the best running backs in the country, DeAngelo Williams of Memphis. Conference USA also seems to have cornered the market on use of the word Golden in nicknames, with three members sporting the use of it (Golden Eagles, Golden Hurricanes and Golden Knights).

Tragically, the conference was also home to two of the programs hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina. Southern Miss was able to rally and make it to another bowl game. Tulane, hit harder then any other program, showed what it means to stick together as a team and persevere through tough times. Despite playing continuous road games, the Green Wave still managed a win and played hard all year.