Backcourt bonanza 

November, 10, 2010

This season, Insider will feature the writing of six current NCAA basketball players, contributing their thoughts on issues facing their conferences. Syracuse Orange guard Scoop Jardine continues the series with a look at the Big East.

One of the strengths of our league this year is the level of guard play. There are a lot of guys I wouldn't want to leave out, but I can pick out five of the guys I think are the toughest to face. They're all a little bit different.

Villanova's Corey Fisher. He's crafty, a really crafty player. He's physical, and he can do a lot off the dribble. He's creative with his moves. You can't keep him out of the lane, really. He finds a way to maneuver around you. Good players make one move to get by you; great players can make more than one. If you stop one move, he's got another one. You stop that one, and he's got another one after the other two. He keeps coming. He makes guys better with that craftiness, getting in the lane and drawing defenses in, only to kick it out. I think he helped Scottie Reynolds out, when he was there, by being so creative with the basketball. His steadiness is what I take from watching him. He doesn't panic.