Horns' depth too much in end

Right now, Texas has the deepest, most experienced and most balanced team in the nation. The Longhorns have arguably the nation's best point guard, Daniel Gibson, and the nation's best true center, LaMarcus Aldridge. In addition, Brad Buckman is a senior face-up four man who will have the edge against freshman Josh McRoberts, and P.J. Tucker might be the toughest player on the floor.

Duke is the No. 1 team, but Texas actually might be the better team. The only thing that keeps you from thinking Texas will win this game is the history behind the Duke jersey -- and the players wearing numbers 4 and 23.

The trump cards for Duke could again wind up being J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams. Theirs are the only positions where the matchups are even or Duke has an advantage. Redick has an uncanny ability to free himself for open looks, and he can and does hit challenged shots consistently. This season, Redick has stepped to the plate repeatedly in crunch time, finding a way to make winning plays in games against Drexel, Memphis and Indiana. The senior national player of the year candidate draws more defensive attention than any other guard in the country, and he can be a heartbreaker.