Gonzaga flying under the radar

The rankings are great. The last 10 games can be a good measure. We all get caught up in trends. What's hot can be a distraction. There are times when being ignored and forgotten can be a good thing.

Since 1999, Gonzaga has rarely been out of the spotlight, and rarely overlooked. The Zags have become a "storm the court" game for West Coast Conference opponents, and that carries responsibility. Gonzaga has to be prepared for a fight every single game, no matter the opponent, and there is never a time when Gonzaga can sneak up on anyone. This year, after beating North Carolina, Washington and Texas, Gonzaga had a murderous schedule that the NBA would have frowned upon, taking on all comers away from home. Losses against Washington State, Nevada, Georgia, Virginia and Duke caused voters to tumble the Zags out of the Top 25 and into basketball obscurity.