Coaching loyalty and perspective on Florida

Here are some season-ending thoughts after a Florida repeat and many changes in the coaching ranks:

Return of the Florida Four
The four sophomores who returned to Florida after winning the 2006 national championship have been given an enormous amount of credit for coming back to school to win another title while turning down a substantial windfall to do so. For them, it seems like it was a great decision.

However, it would not be a great decision simply because they came back and won a second national championship. That was just the endgame. It would have been just as good a decision if Florida had been upset by Purdue in the second round, or had been clipped by Butler in the Sweet 16. The quality of one's experience as a player or coach is not determined solely by the end result. If that were indeed the case, was it a waste of time for the players of every other team who returned to school for another season? Of course not.