Kansas vs. Memphis was great end to a great season

A team without a "go-to guy" or a marquee star won the title. How great is that? Kansas is a true team in every sense of the word. Coming into the NCAA tournament, I felt that Kansas had the most balanced team in the field, and the Jayhawks reminded me of the 2006 Florida Gators.

Bill Self has four great defensive guards and four really good big guys, and the Jayhawks are the most efficient team on both ends. People always reference guard play in the NCAA tournament, but the difference-makers for Kansas were up front. The Jayhawks dominated the lane, and Kansas was able to penetrate the Memphis defense off the pass and the bounce, especially off ball reversal. Kansas also dominated the backboards. Kansas could free up its bigs for scoring opportunities, and Memphis could not. Memphis relied upon its backcourt for almost everything, and the Memphis big men scored only off the guards. You need more than just good guards to win. You need good big guys, too.