Eddie Sutton's retirement shouldn't change much

Someone asked me today how Eddie Sutton's retirement will affect the Oklahoma State basketball program and my answer was simple: Not at all. At next week's Big 12 head coaches' meeting, there will be five new faces in the room, including Sean Sutton's. But, in many ways, he'll have the easiest transition to make to his new job.

If you have been around the Oklahoma State program over the past few years, you'll know that Sean Sutton has taken on many of his dad's head coaching responsibilities, including a large part of the on-the-floor coaching. And, unless an OSU recruit was living in a cave, he had to know that he'd be playing for the younger Sutton in the very near future.

As it turned out, Eddie Sutton's leave of absence in February to take care of alcohol-related issues after an automobile accident turned out to be a minor blessing for the basketball program. It gave Sean Sutton the opportunity to coach a very young team in the final month of the season, and it responded to him well. A home win over highly ranked Texas, two wins in the Big 12 tournament and a one-point loss to Kansas in the conference semifinals left the Cowboys faithful with a good taste in their mouths.