Timeout rule change is much ado about nothing

The game of college basketball is generally in good shape from a rules standpoint, but I don't agree with the coming change prohibiting a player from calling an airborne timeout while going out of bounds. This play is much ado about nothing.

Unfortunately, I saw this rules change coming last season. In fact, objection to this play, in my mind, has been spurred most by my vocal brethren in the broadcasting booth. They have expounded on this subject ad nauseum and, in my opinion, have affected a good play in the game.

First of all, the new rule penalizes hustle. As a coach, you train your players to go after every loose ball like it's the last one left on the planet. If a coach has done the right job with his or her team, their players are taught to sprint toward the man leaping out of bounds to be possible receivers of a pass back inbounds. That's why you practice these special situations -- they help win games.