Five teams (besides LSU) that haven't met expectations

LSU isn't the only team that has fallen flat after some early-season promise. Here are five more teams that have struggled -- and why they have:

This is an easy one. The Huskies came into the season with no experience, no scoring and no proven point guard play, and it has been a deadly trio for Jim Calhoun. In a sense, they have been a victim of their own success because it is difficult to create continuity when your best players leave early for the NBA each year. A soft early schedule masked many of the problems that reared their heads once UConn got into Big East play.

Because of the attrition due to graduation and the NBA draft, the Huskies came into this season with no obvious leader. Usually, in a great program like this one, a veteran player shows the young guys the way. That hasn't happened. Offensive firepower has been missing due to the woeful shooting ability, both inside and out, and the lack of a leader at the point. A.J. Price, in his first year on the court after missing two seasons of action, has not shaken off the rust yet.