Prosser death a loss for basketball

This is not an easy column to write. I've often thought of basketball as the playground of life, and Thursday it lost one of its nicest guys. Skip Prosser left us far too suddenly and far too soon, having died of an apparent heart attack on Thursday.

I met Skip Prosser in 1985 when he joined Pete Gillen's staff at Xavier University. I was at Ohio University, and we spent that summer as two assistant coaches crisscrossing the state to recruit. He had been a very successful high school coach in West Virginia, but the college scene was new to him. At every high school we stopped in, he asked me a hundred questions about recruiting. And I enjoyed sharing with him everything I knew, even though he was now a competitor. He was so honest and curious that I simply had to divulge some of my best recruiting secrets. Because of those many conversations, he quickly became a friend.