Watch for Baylor and St. Louis to notch early-season upsets

Much like the Chevy Silverado hybrid, I too am an interesting -- and at times a conflicting -- combination. My duties at ESPN are that of a nightly radio host and college basketball analyst. The radio guy in me wants to take every schedule and put the "W" or "L" next to each game on the hoops calendar, predicting the outcome of the season that lies ahead. On the other hand, the analyst in me wants desperately to be mindful of injuries, suspensions and even slumps that are unforeseen and can change the outcome of individual games, which makes them almost impossible to guess this early in the 2007-08 season.

With that in mind, there are five games that I feel confident about saying I know who will win, they will be considered an underdog and I can pick it in the middle of October. This is all in print and my archive will prove this column's value -- or lack thereof -- in due time.