No norm for preseason practice philosophies

Fans have had the opportunity to see practically every big-name coach in the business run practice on the All-Access feature on "SportsCenter." The coaches yell, coddle, instruct, cajole, yell some more, teach, roll their eyes, preach fundamentals and then yell something funny at the end of their 90 seconds. The truth is, there is just not enough time on television to truly demonstrate the art of coaching. While no one will argue that coaching is one of the best and most intriguing aspects of the college game, there are many parts of coaching that go under-discussed.

I am fascinated by a coach's implementation of his system and when and where it begins. With only 20 hours per week to coach your team, and with the early-season exempt tournaments pushing the start of the season even earlier, the clock is sped up more now than ever. So I wondered, does everyone do it like the coach I had at Oklahoma State (Eddie Sutton) or more like the coach I had at Notre Dame (John MacLeod)? Or are they both the exception instead of the norm?