Team preview: Cal Poly SLO

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(Information in this team report is as of October 1.)

After entering last season concerned with reconstructing a program from the wreckage of an out-and-out disaster, Cal Poly coach Kevin Bromley enters this one thinking championship.

The Mustangs have come light years since stumbling through an ugly 5-22 season in 2004-05, to the point that Bromley is practically shouting from the housetops that his team is ready to challenge for the Big West title.

"Our kids are pretty juiced up,'' he said. "I think we're going to be right there in the heap for the title of this thing. And I've never said that before.

"It's scary just to hear myself saying it. I don't boast a whole lot. I just feel the depth we have right now and the quality of players we have in the program, we've got a chance. We really do have a chance to be one of the top one or two teams.''

At first glance, last season's 10-19 record wouldn't seem to warrant that kind of optimism. But the Mustangs followed a slow start with a .500 finish in conference play, slugging it out on an even footing with the league's heavyweights in the process.

With virtually everyone back, and the addition of some gifted players who sat out all or most of last season, the Mustangs have as much depth as any team in the conference.
Now all they have to do is prove they can win games.

"I know we have respect within the conference, let's put it that way,'' Bromley said. "I'm anxious to see where we finish. I'm pretty confident you're going to see us in the top part of the conference.''