Team preview: Georgia

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(Information in this team report is as of October 1.)

Blue Ribbon spoke with all 12 Southeastern Conference coaches over the summer, and 11 of them singled out Georgia as an emerging team to be reckoned with in the league this season.

The 12th coach declined to offer an opinion. Dennis Felton wants his team to do its talking on the floor.
For the first time since he inherited the mess left behind by former coach Jim Harrick, Felton has all the ingredients of a team that will have plenty to say -- this season and in the years to come. After dealing with the stigma of an NCAA investigation and subsequent sanctions, a shortage of players, no experience, and no size at various times in his first three seasons, Felton now has a deep, balanced team that, while it may not yet be able to stand toe-to-toe with Florida or LSU, has a legitimate chance to return to a postseason tournament.

Whether that tournament is the NIT or the NCAA will be determined by the play of Georgia's frontcourt -- bolstered by a two-man recruiting class that brought some much-needed height and bulk -- but more on those newcomers later.