Team preview: Texas State

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(Information in this team report is as of October 1.)

New Texas State men's basketball coach Doug Davalos is well aware of the challenges one faces when trying to turn a three-win team into a league title contender.

But he also realizes the struggles of last year are the exact reason he's getting a chance at his first Division I coaching job.

He's actually relishing it.

"There are some real challenges in this basketball program, there's no doubt,' Davalos said. "But I wouldn't be here if there weren't challenges. Right now, I don't see any of the negatives. I'm a glass-half-full kind of guy, and I'm looking at the huge opportunity here more than the challenges.

"I'm anticipating changing the atmosphere and changing the direction right away.

That doesn't mean he's tabbing the Bobcats as favorites to win the competitive Southland Conference title this season. But it does mean he plans on a new attitude and a new, much more intense style of basketball.

"We're going to be an attack basketball team,' he said. "We want to increase our shooting percentage by getting more uncontested shots through steals, turnovers and offensive rebounds. We're going to be on attack mode for the entire 40 minutes.

"But more than anything is changing the attitude and how we are going to compete every day. If we are going to attack the entire 40 minutes, we're going to have to rely on every member of our team to have stock in the success of the team. We're not going to play six guys and have seven through 12 holding the water. To play how we want to play, our goal is to play a minimum of 10 guys consistently.'

In preparing for this new mindset, Davalos knew he had to start by identifying solutions. He needed to find the players in the program who would help him get headed in the right direction and rally them around his new philosophy and goals.