Inside the Bracket: Top seed for OU?

After producing last year's national champion and six NCAA Tournament teams, the Big 12 has been largely overlooked this season. But while the best-conference debate rages on between the Big East and ACC, and headline-grabbing upsets keep the surprising Big 10 in focus, the Big 12 warrants attention -- particularly since three of its teams have winning percentages of .667 or better against the RPI Top 50.

Texas (4-2) and Kansas (5-2) are both topped by Oklahoma (7-0), and the Sooners will have the opportunity to improve upon that tonight (ESPN, 9 ET) at Oklahoma State (RPI 26).

Oklahoma's early performance has the Sooners knocking on the door of a No. 1 seed, and just waiting for one of the current top four (Duke, UConn, Pittsburgh and Wake Forest) to slip up.