Behind the Bets: The Predictor gets wise

What do heartless wiseguys and a heartless computer have to say about Pitt? Getty Images

Insider has a new tool that we named Bracket Predictor. He's our friend, mainly because he brings the perspective of cold, hard facts to all the emotional hand-wringing we do about our NCAA tournament picks. Bracket Predictor does not care if UNC is tweaked to win because Tyler Hansbrough is playing to cement his status as a college basketball legend. Bracket Predictor does not care that UCLA is playing with something to prove after repeated heartbreak in the Final Four. And Bracket Predictor definitely has no feelings when it comes to Syracuse, Villanova, West Virginia or Louisville declaring Big East supremacy.

Bracket Predictor only cares about numbers. And there will be no Rovian skewing of his stats. Whatever stats you choose as being most important to you in a one-on-one matchup, he will give you the winner.

Coming up, for Insiders: Bracket Predictor teams up with the game-picking wisdom of Chad's wiseguy pals.Insider