Xavier Henry opens up

We've got a thing for Xaviers. Such a cool name. Gives us an excuse to wistfully click on this link. And this one, too.

But ESPNU's third-rated senior informs us that it's "Zah-vee-yay." Oh. After the phonics lesson, Henry is quick to point out that he might not even be the most gifted athlete in his house. Both his mom (Barbara) and dad (Carl) played basketball at Kansas, where an earnest grad assistant named John Calipari toted Larry Brown's clipboard. Big brother C.J. was the Yankees' 17th pick in 2004, before walking on at Memphis last season, preceding Xavier's reign there.

Video of Xavier's trip to The Mag's offices is for ESPN Insiders.

A 6-foot-6 swingman with a LeBron-like high school build (he's 225 pounds), Xavier has been coveted in his own right, especially since Memphis let him out of his letter of intent once Calipari latched on at Kentucky. Joined-at-the-hip Xavier and C.J., who wear matching beaded warrior necklaces they picked up in Hawaii, will be visiting the Bluegrass State on April 25 to see if it trumps Mom and Dad's stories about hooping at KU.