Meet Mason Plumlee

For the sort of people who call 'em Dookies, not Dukies, or who have dartboards with interchangeable J.J. Redick/Greg Paulus/Jon Scheyer photos, Mason Plumlee might have them champing at the bit. He's pale, lanky, Midwestern (from small-town Indiana, like Josh McRoberts), smart (National Honor Society, natch) and good.

A legit (read: unfudged) 6-foot-11, Plumlee is the sort of highly touted big man that Coach K has been hammered for missing out on in recruiting wars. (See: Greg Monroe last year.) The Plumlees, though, mark the end of such a drought. Big brother Miles (who's 6-10) is already wearing Duke blue, and youngest sib Marshall (also 6-10) is a fast-climbing big man in the class of 2011. Among the 3M Post-its, Mason stands out for being a face-to-the hoop matchup problem with a sticky-good handle. (See?)

Worse for Blue Devil haters, Mason's wide grin and goofy, size-18 lope make him kinda unhateable. And his dad's name is Perky -- c'mon!

Video of Mason's trip to The Mag's offices is for ESPN Insiders.