Jump start

Jordan Crawford is about to diversify his resume. David Yellen for ESPN The Magazine

This story appears in the January 25 issue of ESPN The Magazine. If interested in a video of Crawford discussing the famed dunk on ESPN's First Take, click here.

He's the kid who dunked on LeBron James, period. When it went down in July, the tenor of the crescendo said everything about Jordan Crawford and his place in the snapshot: some college dude (?) cranked on the MVP of the NBA (!), forcing NIKE to confiscate the damning footage (STFU!!). Even the kid realizes "The Dunk" is the only reason anyone outside the hoops cognoscenti knows his name. But the reverb from that play shook the college scene like only one-and-dones and potential Players of the Year can these days. Scratch that -- neither Tyler Hansbrough nor Tyreke Evans has ever flooded TMZ's website.

It's the kind of thing that happens to somebody else. No, really. Crawford's game isn't built on such above-the-rim antics. He's what video gamers would recognize as a Shot Stick Advanced Player. Feints, scoops and awkward leans get Crawford where he has to go. Nor is the spotlight the most comfortable place for the Xavier Musketeers guard. "Jordan isn't going to be the energy of the team," says coach Chris Mack. "He'll just be the most talented player."