Numbers favor road teams for Tip-Off

Reggie Johnson and the Miami Hurricanes have the potential to shock Memphis. Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Now that college hoops has begun in earnest, ESPN is about to give us fans 24 continuous hours of ball. Think of it as breaking a bottle of champagne across the bow of this season.

Although I heartily recommend watching all 21 games in their entirety on Tuesday -- yes, some of the games overlap: use picture-in-picture -- space constrains me here to looking at just a few of the more intriguing matchups. To do so, I'll use the same simple three-step process you've seen before for "Poll Position" and ask a trio of questions about each team. How good was it last season? Who's back? Who's new?

(By the way, all data on scoring margins come to us courtesy of the College Basketball Prospectus 2010-11. Margin: Per-possession scoring margin, 2010 conference games only. RPMs: Returning possession minutes from last season.)