Hot seats are glowing red

Jeff Capel and Andy Kennedy are under fire. But is it deserved? US Presswire

There are no high-fives. There is no rooting for a coach to get bounced. My father was a coach, my brother is an assistant and trust me, the assistants, unlike the head coaches, are not left with the golden parachutes their head coaching comrades fall back on. On the other hand, 'tis the season, and below we'll look at who's on the hot seat and whether their current scrutiny is fair or not.

Jeff Capel, Oklahoma
Season: 13-17; Career: 95-68
Verdict: Fair, but deserving of another year

While most are paying attention to the awful performances on the floor the past two years, the empty seats and the pending NCAA findings may ultimately run the coach out of town. Capel was brought in to clean things up, then win. He did both. But then Willie Warren and the best recruiting class in the country derailed the Sooners. Capel entertained several coaching vacancies when he was hot; now he would probably take the next flight to a BCS-level job. Considering their run in with the NCAA, combined with the completely apathetic Sooners faithful, it appears the end may be near. Capel's team competed every game and, with some incoming talent, he has earned another year. Whether he gets it ...