Five most underrated CBB players

Don't forget about Iona's Michael Glover, who is a rebounding machine. Chris Chambers/Getty Images

Last week the spotlight was on the college game's brightest stars, as the NBA draft cemented the elite status of outliers like Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams and Tristan Thompson. So this week I want to throw a little attention on a forgotten group of players, the ones who are not only coming back but are also much better than conventional wisdom says.

Here are the country's five most underrated returning players:

Festus Ezeli, Vanderbilt

Sometimes players suffer from category trouble, the kind that prevents fans from forming a true appreciation of that player's performance. Take Ezeli for example. His height (6-foot-11), his slightly exotic-sounding name and his past all unite to form one profile: shot-blocker. Well, Ezeli is a shot-blocker, a very good one, but if you think that's all Kevin Stallings has here you weren't paying very close attention last year.